Sunday, 27 January 2013

Road condition from Moremi to Savuti - Botswana

Leaving Moremi across the wooden bridge we pass through the village of Khwai.
Originally Khwai village was a small San settlement.   The village originated after the San were moved from the Xakanaxa area when the Reserve was proclaimed.
This settlement has since grown into a large community.
The San found here are different to their cousins found in the Kalahari.
They are of darker complexion and larger in posture.  They are also known as the "Water San", as their existence evolve around the wetlands.

The game parks in Botswana are not fenced, so game can roam freely between Chobe and the Moremi.  The area between North Gate, and the Chobe Park Boundary belongs to tour operators with hunting concessions, and game can be frequently seen here.  Which means you never leave the wild.
Travelling in an easterly direction alongside the Khwai River for approximately 35 km, one enters Chobe National Park and reach the Maghikwe Sand Ridge.
At times it can be difficult to cross the ridge as the sand is very loose.  After rain the sand becomes compacted and going is better.  The Magikwe Sand Ridge was once the shoreline of a magnificent inland lake.
Across the Ridge the road forks to the left and we will travel for another 15 km on the hard clayish surface of the Mababe Depression until we reach the Mababe gate and  travel on to Savuti, 58 km  further on.

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